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Short, Medium and Long Term. Never miss an opportunity.

To ensure maximum ROI and minimum costs, the Cascade method ensures all leads are correctly profiled, whilst avoiding wastage of leads. Rather than throwing away the leads generated that don’t meet all your BANT or other Sales criteria, why not have a Cascade method in place. Hold onto the high volume/lower tier leads and plug them into your pipeline for a later date, all while still generating the top tier leads for immediate opportunities.



Target the people who are searching for your solution.

We have access to over 4,000 different Intent Topics, informing us on which companies are looking into certain technologies and systems. Utilising this powerful data set
we can transform the ROI in your next lead generation programme by targeting the people who are already searching for a specific solution.




Improve your Digital Lead Generation with Telemarketing.

A hybrid campaign merges digital marketing with telemarketing, and by utilising each methods strongest points we can produce a greater outcome.
We communicate through digital content syndication, and follow up leads who have interacted with the asset with a follow-up call to promote a second piece of content
and/or further qualify these into SQL, HQL or BANT leads – ultimately confirming that they are reachable by phone in the future.

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